Saturday, March 8, 2008

Scott Turns 41!

Scott turned 41 today! He said all he wanted for his birthday was an in-the-ground basketball hoop for the driveway. So knowing nothing about basketball hoops (or basektball for that matter) I set out to find him one.......3 days before his birthday! (I was a little busy with Marshall up until then.)

After an hour of frustrating internet research (did you know basketball hoops range in price from $400 to $4000?!) I enlisted the help of Scott's cousin, Phil. He recommended the Bison brand name and a place called "Scheels" in Lincoln. The salesman from Scheels quickly helped me select a model over the phone and by noon on Wednesday I'd bought a basketball hoop I had never seen!

I was pretty proud that I was able to negotiate same day delivery. I thought for sure everything would fall into place and I could have it in the ground before Scott returned from his trip. I called our landscapers and asked if they could send someone up to dig a hole and pour some concrete. There was one small problem.......the ground is still frozen and a winter storm was on the way. Uggh! Details, details....

Oh well, the kids did a great job decorating the boxes in the garage and Scott was thrilled anyway. He'll tell you he's glad it worked out this way because now he gets to select exactly where it will go on the driveway! Oh yeah....more details. :>)


  1. Happy Belated B-day Scott! Seems like your best gift this year was a healthy baby boy! yeah! So, it's 46 above here & spring break! See you all in May! Love, Mandy

  2. That is a good brand you bought. We have one that is adjustable so the kids can use it at whatever height they need to as they grow taller. I'm hoping we can get it dug out of the ground to take with us whenever we move!! Angie

  3. Hey....what did you do to deserve a wife that loves you enough to put in a hoop for ya -- WOW --

    I'm impressed. It's always nice to have cousins living close by.

    congrats on another birthday Scott -

    Randy and Beth


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