Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost Packed!

Whew!....I was feeling a little light headed and I then I realized I haven't sat down YET today! Just when I was patting myself on the back about how everything was falling into place and how I might actually get us packed up early.......I was greeted this morning by projectile vomit and "pink eye"!!! The vomit was compliments of Marshall and Luke has come down with pink eye (which he decided to share with ME!) For some reason I'm sitting here smiling and not really feeling very stressed. Go figure!

Our plane leaves Lincoln in 33 hours. Scott is totally packed (of course), I am 75% packed, the girls are 50% packed and I haven't started yet on Marshall and Luke. Oh yes and we have one entire suitcase full of Christmas gifts and things for Karen, 100% packed! We purchased three new suitcases for this trip and I'm feeling tonight like we should have gotten four! The good news is the weather in Tokyo will feel like a heat wave compared to Nebraska. Apparently our "deep freeze" made national news because I got a call from Marcy in Florida asking if we were OK (tongue in cheek of course)! This morning's temperature was -4 with a -27 degree wind chill. Tokyo is in the 50's and 60's during the day and 40's at night so that will be a welcomed change!

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner last night with Scott's parents and our nephew Shawn out at the farm. Arlene served dinner in the dining room and afterward we opened presents so it really felt like Christmas. It was nice to have that time with them before we leave.

By the way...I still don't have my laptop back from the big crash so can't post any photos yet. Maybe John will let me upload a few on his computer in Japan so I can share some photos with you while we're there.

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