Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our First Mounted Session-We Did It!

Today was a big day for the girls and I. We loaded up Doc and Rocky for the first time and trailered them into Lincoln for the first Pony Club mounted session of 2009. The girls have been studying since January and taking riding lessons but had not yet attended a "mounted session" with fellow Pony Clubbers. Between packing up 2 horses and all their tack, connecting a truck to a trailer, loading the horses, unloading horses, driving on I80, tacking up, and entering an arena with strange horses, the day was full of "firsts" for sure! I was very proud of the way my girls and the horses handled everything. The girls were really worried because we had not had a chance to purchase them the special breetches or schooling pants and chaps required by Pony Club but it all worked out and we hope to get them into their appropiate riding attire by the next mounted session. A special thanks goes out to our trainer, Patty Lavelle for supervising the packing and loading process at the farm! You can see the other shots I took from today by clicking HERE.

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