Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

We decided not to make the annual trip to Buckhannon, WV this year where my mother's family gathers for reunions and Memorial Day services. Instead, Scott caught up on yard work, played with the kids and today I harvested spinach and four different kinds of lettuce from the garden. Then, we all headed into town to our house for burgers and brats.....oh, and fresh salad of course! The garden is really starting to take off! Unfortunately, so are the weeds.
Here I am tasting my first picking of spinach and lettuce! Yum!
I caught this photo of Grandma's watering can hanging from a branch on a tree.


  1. Heyyyyyyyy! Wait just a minute! 'Antique' watering can?!?!?! That can looks AWFULLY similar to one we purchased for Grandma just a couple of years ago. Hmmm. I think you've just been busted!! LOL. Very nice blog, Danna. I may be inspired to start one of my own. Great pics of the kids, too.

    - Steve Meyer

  2. Yes...I stand corrected! I asked mom about the watering can and she said it IS the one you gave her! Well, it still looks cool hanging there!


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