Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching Up

Wow, I haven't posted in a while. This Friday I hope to talk about why but for now I'll just try to catch up a little.

The girls and I are gearing up for a big weekend in Kansas City, MO. It's the US Pony Club Regional Games Rally. Our club is sending two teams. The girls are on a team with 2-3 other girls and will compete in over 12 different types of "games" on their horses. They both do really well at games but they are so small they have a hard time getting on and off their horses without assistance and no assistance is allowed during games. So we're going to lengthen one of their stirrups and this week they will practice the games using one or no stirrups. Times like this you wish you had a smaller horse!

Saturday was the first Concordia Bulldog home football game but Marshall and I spent the second half at home after he began vomitting at the game. I was so worried it was the flu but after 3 vomiting episodes throughout the evening, he fell asleep and woke up the next morning perfectly fine. So, it must have been something he ate!

Gracie, Gemma and Luke start back to piano lessons tomorrow and I think Luke is clearly the most excited. Gracie's 4th grade teacher doesn't believe in homework so she'll have plenty of time to practice piano this year!

Oh and remember our new Golden Retriever, Daisy? We bought her for the farm but were going to keep her here at our house just until after the 4th of July company left? Well, after much discussion and consideration, Daisy is going to be residing permanently here on Wildwood. We had the invisible fence from "De-Fence Your Pet" installed last week and she was trained on it in one day. It's awesome because now I can leave her outside when I run to get the kids or have to be gone for long stretches. I have said many times that I would NEVER have picked this breed of dog had I known she would be staying here (mostly because of the shedding hair) but she turned out to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime amazing dogs and the remarkable thing is that she doesn't seem to bother our allergies (Gracie and me) much at all. My theory is that we have become desensitized from being around the horses and the farm.

OK, so then there's Lilly, Gemma's kitten we rescued from the fairgrounds. (I think I posted about that on Facebook) We thought we had lost her when she disappeared for 5 days but then we found her out at the farm! She had hopped a ride out there with us in the van one night when we went to feed horses and didn't make it back home. We discovered her five days later in John and Arlene's garage. She lives in our garage but hopefully will soon become more of an outside cat. Gemma feeds her twice a day every day and even does a decent job of keeping her litter box clean! She has no choice because Gracie and I cannot even touch the cat! I'll get some photos of the critters posted soon.

Oh and I've lost my cell AGAIN, something that seems to happen every other week lately, so if you're wondering why I never answer your calls or texts......that's why.

......More this Friday.

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