Saturday, September 19, 2009

Off to a good start-almost

The five hour drive went totally smoothly. We actually made great time considering we left so late. But after arriving in Grandview (still not sure if that's KS or MO)
we encountered a comical series of mishaps. To keep this short and sweet I'll just list them order of occurrence:
1.We missed the exit and had to turn around. This is not always a simple thing when hauling a horse trailer.
2.We missed the entrance to the horse park because it was so dark. (and possibly because I forgot my glasses)
3.While unloading horses and unpacking I realized we forgot our bridle rack.
3.While filling water buckets for the horses, poor Gemma smashed her middle finger in the hydrant!
4.While parking the trailer I realized we forgot the wheel blocks and the hitch blocks (luckily we found some scrap wood and large rocks to make due with).
5. While Stephanie was navigating us to our hotel we were pulled over by the police! Apparently hitting the breaks at each street sign and swerving a little closer to read them better (did I mention I forgot my glasses?) bears a strong resemblence to drunk driving. Very sweet officer, no ticket.

However, except for this one hour of mishaps, we still managed to have a lot of fun and plenty of giggles!

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