Friday, February 26, 2010

Chicks-Day 11

Quick summary of our first week with the chicks:

1. We didn't read the instructions correctly on the "chick starter" and added way too much to the water! (You try reducing this fraction: 4oz/55 gallons!) Yeah....we know now, it's less than 1/2 t. per gallon!) We're not sure, but this may be why we lost 8 out of 56 chicks in the first 48 hours!

2. Had to travel to Lincoln to find chick feed without antibiotics. Can't get "organic" feed shipped in until March 11th!

3. Gracie and Gemma have done a fantastic job of keeping the area clean and providing fresh water and food every day.

4. The kids convinced me to buy 16 more chicks to replace the 8 that died. Not sure how that math works out but we now have a total of 64 chickens.

5. The kids have spent hours just sitting and watching the chicks. I sneak down there every now and then too and must admit, it is very relaxing.

6. We've had lots of visitors to see the chicks but they are growing fast so if you want to get a glimpse before they get ugly, come soon!

7. Overall things have gone very smoothly so far but the chicks will be able to fly over their 12 inch containment wall in just a fews days, so it's time to build the taller cardboard walls!
Seems like their little wings sprouted overnight!
That's "Longshot" on the right. She's one of the new girls.

She's a smaller breed of chicken but the kids fell in love with her.
Don't write her off just yet. These chicks were trying to intimidate her.....

....but Longshot stood tall and backed them up!


  1. This is so great! Thanks for the photos!~Amanda

  2. Wow! 16 more new ones!!!
    Thanks for letting us stop by the other day!

  3. I love the t'shirts! Too cute!! Wish we lived closer, my boys would love to stop by to take a peek at the chicks. Enjoy!! Lisa Loncar

  4. They are so cute! ...the chicks too. LOL! I love your kids little t-shirts. If I'm calculating properly, your baby is due soon. Hope you have a healthy, happy delivery.

  5. Danna - I am waiting to hear more!!! Please post again soon and keep us updated! More pics of the kids with the chics too please. I love your Blog! You are such a great writer and you have so many interesting things to write about. You are the coolest mom EVER!
    PS - no more giving up facebook for Lent!
    xo - Miss you as always! Marcy


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