Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marshall Turns 2

Yesterday was Marshall's 2nd birthday. Grandma and Grandpa were snowed in so we decided to move the party out to the farm. I thought we were going to have to park on HW15 and walk in but a couple hours before the party, Grandma called to say Mark Owens was there with his tractor working to open the lane. Marshall is still the happiest, most easy going member of the Seevers family. He's talking more and more every day and continues to love legos or anything he can make into a car, boat or train.
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  1. Happy Birthday Marshall! So cute! Love the cake! Allison Kay Race is one month old as of 2/15/10!
    Love, Amanda

  2. Your two year old sounds a lot like my 22 month old (turns 2 on April 30th)except for the "easy going" part cause Sean is anything but easy goin! =) My son loves cars! Maybe I'll have to decorate his 2nd birthday cake with cars! Now you've got me thinking...and ahead of time too! The snowman cake was adorable by the way. ~Shari Reeves


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