Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nyla's Baptism

I hope you enjoy this slide show of Nyla's baptism.  Our good friends Brian and Laurie Friedrich are her new Godparents. Aunt Ruby Beckmann knitted her a precious gown and she was wrapped in an embroidered shawl from her Grandma Seevers.  It was an emotional but perfect day! You can also view the individual images HERE.

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  1. Hi Danna - this is so beautiful! thanks for posting. Mom is still the same; her eye is a little better & she can move the muscles on the left side of her face. Allison is 14 lbs and jabbering away. She's about to roll over! And soon to crawl! Hot in Fairbanks (80+ today). I may try to go to OH for the Hornbeck reunion July 10th! Love to all the family, Amanda

    P.S. Happy Birthday Aunt Pat!


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