Friday, June 25, 2010

The First Two Eggs!

Gracie was thrilled to find our first two eggs inside the mobile chicken coop today! After 5 long months of caring for the chickens and waiting for the coop to be built we will now begin to finally enjoy the fruits of our labor! They are tiny pullet eggs right now (about half the size of a normal egg) but within just a few weeks we'll have full size eggs to eat and sell!

This egg scale belonged to our kids' Great-grandmother, Frieda Beckmann. The tiny egg is not even registering yet. (shown with the bottle of beer for comparison)
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  1. Wow! I have a few photos of Mom & Aunt Pat; Gracie looks just like your Mother! She is beautiful and the idea of fresh eggs is so awesome! I love my brown farm fresh eggs from a local farmer here! ~Love your ENTIRE family in NE & OH, Cousin Mandy


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