Friday, July 23, 2010

Helping In The Garden

The kids are shown here taking a break from the horses to help Grandma a little bit in the garden! Marshall just loves it out there and really enjoyed getting some bean picking tips from Gracie today. Gemma and Luke were a little distracted by the heat and the bugs but learned a good lesson on proper "garden attire"! Long sleeves, long pants and something other than flip-flops make for a much more pleasant "picking experience"!

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  1. Awesome Garden! Love seeing the cousins having fun! Where is Nyla? Mom is getting PT on her face & it is working! Folks are coming up Aug. 11 - 21; can't wait to show them my new house and 4.85 acres! Allison is growing fast & cutting teeth! Love you all, cousin Mandy!


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