Thursday, November 4, 2010


Our Trick-or-Treaters: a lamb, a cave girl, a hobo, a werewolf and Tigger too! (Thanks Christina! Would not have pulled it off without you!) The kids got to trick-or-treat at David dorm on Concordia's campus Saturday night. Three floors, four wings each! Next night, trick-or-treat in the neighborhoods. Total candy collected?? Almost 20 pounds (only reason it was less was because Marshall didn't go along the second night!)  The three older kids got to keep whatever they could stuff into a quart size zip lock bag (about 1.5 lbs.) and the rest was left out tonight on the front porch for the "Halloween Witch!"  She usually brings some pretty cool stuff to trade for the candy.




  1. Love the costumes; the kids look great! Allison was a Cow, bunny and pumpkin over the last weekend! She is growing; she'll be 1 on January 15th! Jeff & Mandy are well. Mom & Dad are better. Life is good here; Daniel & I are together 5 1/2 years; he'll "turnout" end of December as a Journeyman Pipefitter - 5 years of school & work! We have snow! Love you all, Amanda

  2. "OMGOsh!!!!!!!!!!! So - so adorable. I cannot wait to get there. I will be there before you know it. Do you play scrabble? Will you play with me? I have a family card game I want to teach the girls too - their old enough. I CAN"T WAIT!!!"-Marcy


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