Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time To Go Back To Work!!!

Scott and I often joke about how while cleaning one area of the house, the children are actively messing up another. Well today while cleaning my kitchen, I began to smell FUMES!!  Marshall found Gracie's black nail polish from Halloween and decided to paint his toes, Nyla's toes, our brand new carpet and lots more!  Today is one of those days I feel like we would ALL be better off if I got a job and put the kids in daycare!


  1. Oh my. I've had many similar days, I feel for you. Moms have the worst and best job ever.

  2. Well, that looks like fun! NOT! Hope you have lots of nail polish I tell my girlfriends with children "duct tape & cough syrup!" Just kidding! Duct tape is cheaper than daycare though! LOL! Have fun & remember "this too shall pass!" Love you all, Cousin Mandy in Alaska P.S. Happy Belated Birthday & Mother's Day! Best wishes in 2011!

  3. This is so HILARIOUS!!! Looks exactly like something my little brothers would do. :-) I can imagine that it seems less funny to you, though. :-)


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