Friday, June 27, 2008

Scott Is Changing Careers!!

Well, after 10 years in the medical industry Scott has decided to make a huge career shift. Effective July 1st he will be the new "VP of Enrollment Management, Student Services and Athletics" at Concordia University here in Seward! (

As many of you know, Scott left teaching in 1998 to start our company, Galaxy Medical Products. After 6 successful years of growing Galaxy, we sold three fourths of that company to Universal Hospital Services ( in 2004. We hired Brian Emich of Copley, Ohio to run the one fourth of Galaxy that we kept, and Scott joined the UHS team to help assimilate and further develop the Bariatric and Specialty Bed product lines.

Scott enjoyed 4 exciting and successful years at UHS traveling all over the East Coast and Midwest, but with the arrival of our 4th little one and the promise he made to himself in 1998 (to eventually return to Lutheran education) tugging on his heart, a career change became imminent.

Scott is just thrilled to be returning to his alma mater at such an exiting time in the school's history. The position will be a new challenge but as with all things, I know he will be hugely successful! The timing of it all was amazing and most certainly part of God's divine plan for our lives. And the kids couldn't be happier to have Daddy home every night for dinner and bedtime stories!

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