Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heart Breaking Tragedy

Many of you know my cousin Renee Whitaker-Buhl (She was class of '85 from Ashtabula).  I was informed today that she has lost her only two sons in a tragic twist of events this past week. Mark, her oldest son was in a car accident last weekend which left him brain injured with little chance of recovery. Her younger son Matthew was so deeply grief stricken over his brother's condition that he recklessly, but accidentally died of a drug overdose on Friday night.  The next day, yesterday, the decision was made to remove the life support from her older son, Mark. 

One son has a two year old child and the other is expecting a baby in May.  Please keep Renee and her family, and the families of Mark and Matthew in your prayers.

Of course neither boy (in their early twenties) had any life insurance, so if you know Renee and would be inclined to send flowers....PLEASE don't! Instead, please direct cards and memorial funds to:
Renee Buhl
123 Phillips Lane
Clinton, TN 37716

I don't now how a mother even begins to grieve the loss of a child, a son....let alone two the same week.  Please, just stop and pray.....

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  1. Our family is praying. We know a measure of their pain. God bless your family and may he grant them strength.


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