Friday, August 23, 2013

Gracie's 2 Week Update

Wanted to let you know we had a great appointment at UNMC yesterday. X-rays revealed there has been no movement in Gracie's pelvis in the last week which is really great news.  This means we can finally put the threat of surgery to rest!  The doctor was really encouraged that Gracie had not used any pain medication except ibuprofen in the past week and said her pelvis is very stable and healing well.  He even offered to let her try using crutches at home soon and estimated that, at this rate, she may be able to try putting some weight on her left leg as soon as 6 weeks from now!!  This is a BIG change from the earlier plan of 12 weeks in a wheelchair!

Gracie is spending more time each day up in her wheelchair and was able to take the car ride sitting upright in the front seat yesterday!  Her pain has been minimal and today she started "virtual school" by viewing her classes using Facetime on her iPad!!  We hope to get her physically back to school within the next week or so.

The doctor continues to encourage us saying Gracie's pelvis will heal completely and there is no reason to think she couldn't be back on her horse by Spring.  Her goal is to show Magic at Cornhusker Pony Club's annual and traditional April fundraiser, The Shaggy Horse Dressage Show!  I am already tearful with ideas for how we will celebrate her return to riding!

Thanks again for all your support and prayers! We are so grateful for the outpouring of well wishes from family, friends and The United States Pony Clubs from all over the country!!!

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