Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jack's Surgery

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Jack (a yearling), was badly bitten last week by Hayes (a stallion). The local vet explained that this little horse was in grave danger of dying from an infection of the peritoneal area caused by the wound's inability to properly drain. The location of the wound created a "bowl" effect which causes the drainage to literally tunnel down into his body instead of out of the wound. This horse has a fantastic temperament and the kids really love him so I could not stand by and watch the horse die. Fortunately for Jack, I have an extensive background in the science of wound healing so I dusted off those files in my brain and got to work!

The vet felt that to achieve the highest probability of success, a drainage hole would need to be drilled down below the wound to get it draining, so Jack was scheduled for surgery. See photos HERE!

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