Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thoughts For The Day

I'm exhausted after a long day of preparing the garden and "horsing around" but I couldn't waste one single second of this beautiful 75 degree weather. I spent the entire day at the farm tending to our injured Jack and getting the garden ready to plant. Luke was happy to jump around in the leaves I was shoveling into the back of the pick-up and Marshall hung out on a blanket (Grandma had "Bridge" today).

Jack (the injured yearling) is doing great and enjoyed his 10 hours outside in the sun and fresh air. I'm feeling more confident all the time because he is learning to trust and respect me more every day. Being separated from herd, he has to rely on me for all his safety and resources, so that helps.

We had parent/teacher conferences today and Gracie's teacher said she's worried about the weather because the kids think it's summer and we have a whole quarter to go yet!

Speaking of parent/teacher conferences.....pretty much more of the same. Gracie is perfect in every way, like her father. Gemma, while just as brilliant as Gracie, can sometimes be a bit sassy and bossy with her friends. Yeah....like me I guess. Those conferences totally stress me out. I can't help but feel like I'm the one receiving a grade on my parenting. Anyone else feel like that? I swear I don't think I take a breath the entire time we're sitting there. And it doesn't help that they have you sit down on those tiny little chairs! I hate to think what my mother went through at my parent/teacher conferences. :>)

One more thing. In case you haven't already heard, my sister-in-law, Karen Seevers' younger sister Stacy, was found dead in California this week. They do not yet know the cause of death. Karen and John are in California with Karen's mother and older sister, Claudia. For anyone wishing to send condolences, her mailing address is:

Karen Seevers
4-28 Sengen-cho, Fuchu-shi
Tokyo, 183, Japan

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