Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ketta's Stormy Night seems like my blog is becoming a horse blog!! Lots of horse activity for sure! I showed up to feed the horses this morning and look what I found! This is Part 1. To see more, you can click PART 2, PART 3 and PART 4! To see the still photos, click HERE! Aunt Karen plans to sell this filly because we have a "no more mares" policy on the farm but Gracie is not handling it too well. She cried all the way home, begging me to buy her from Aunt Karen. She's offered to do 10 chores a day for $10/week allowance! Ketta (the mare) was born one day before Gracie so Aunt Karen has always called her "Gracie's horse". Gracie is wailing things like "It's not fair! This is Ketta's only baby! This is MY horse's baby! How can you do this to me? They are part of our family!" do you explain these things to a 9-year old? Karen, you need to hurry home and help me deal with this!

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