Monday, July 27, 2009

Did You Know.....

Did you know that if you leave your laptop plugged in for long periods of time with your battery installed that your battery will fry out about 3 times faster than normal?!?! I have been using Dell computers for years and I had never heard that. Interestingly, last year, when I called Dell about my battery only holding a charge for 20 minutes, they sent out a new battery and power cord. The same problem occurred again, only this time they explained that it is my fault because I keep the computer at my desk and plugged in to the AC adapter most of the time. They recommend always removing the battery when you are plugged into AC (unless of course you're re-charging!). They claim a typical battery should last 2-3 years if you follow this recommendation. Mmmm.....with a replacement 9-cell battery costing $180.00.....I have to wonder about this. Any thoughts??

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  1. Woah, no I had never heard that. I will try to start removing the battery from now on! Thanks for the tip. Seems a bit crazy though.


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