Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nyla-One Week Old!

Wow! An entire week has just passed?  Nyla has been incredibly easy so far.  She's even giving me 4 hour stretches of sleep during the night!  Some people say you must wake them every two hours to eat at this age....I say after 5 kids...."Let them sleep! You can catch up during the day."

She is a precious girl who loves to be close to her mama and that's great because I've discovered a new baby carrier by "Baby K'Tan" which is incredibly comfortable. It's like a Moby without all the material and fuss to get on.  I hope to "wear her" for many months to come!

Tomorrow we take our first step back toward the normal routine as Scott returns to work.  Thank God Maria is here.....thank you, God!

Look at that hair!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! She looks like she has some lungs! Mom's Bell's Palsy is still giving her a hard time, but I'll meet them at Jeff's either way. Please post a picture of Nyla's cousin Allison when you can! She turned 3 mos today! Love to ALL the family, Amanda


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