Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dairy Cow Doctoring

Earlier this week, I was in the barn looking around for kittens that a mother cat had moved.  While searching, I found a place in the wall I had never noticed before. There was a slat of wood with two leather straps held on by nails. You can lift the slat to reveal a hole in the wall.  It looked like a great place to hide kittens so I hesitantly reached my arm into the deep, dark space.  I didn't find any kittens, but I did pull out all these old bottles of remedies, liniments and salves.  Grandma Arlene confirmed that her Dad used these items to treat the milking cows when they had medical problems.  One bottle contains something that still smells like Mercurachrome. Another held liniment at one time made by a company called "Rawleigh's" and another called "Sloans Liniment."  One bottle still has oil in it and smells like garlic.  The round, green bottle contains a salve that made me think of Vicks, and the tin is still full of "Watkins Petro Carbo Medicated First Aid Salve."  It's so fun to speculate what conditions he must have been treating with each of these products.  Do you have a grandma or grandpa that used to milk cows in the "old days".  Show them this picture and let me know if any of it looks familiar to them! (All the bottles except the garlic oil contain dish soap and water for cleaning purposes.)  Click on photo to enlarge.
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  1. you can still purchase Watkins patro carb salve in stores today.We sell it at work. when Adrienne turned her leg into hamburger we used that and it healed quickly and reduced scarring.
    another bottle could have grape seed oil in it, probably rancid now but used for mastitis


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