Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Big Announcement

Well the time has finally come to share with the world that we are expecting another baby!! Seevers kid number 5 is scheduled to join us on April 6th 2010!! Yes, you read that right. I am 3 months pregnant.

I know many of our friends and family will wonder alot of things so I'm going to answer some of your questions before you ask them.

YES....this was a surprise (we're calling it the "bonus baby").
YES....of course we were using contraception......let that be a lesson to you! :>)
YES....we were in complete shock and I nearly slipped into a depression for the first several weeks. My usual severe nausea and vomiting did not help the situation.
YES....I will turn 43 one month after the baby is born.
YES....I gave away every last shred of my maternity clothes so if you know someone who has them, please ask them to send them back my way!
YES....this is our 11th pregnancy, another reason why 1st trimesters are no fun for us.
YES...I am getting my tubes tied after this delivery! And for the record I would like to state that it is Jim Juergensen's doctor's fault that Scott never went in for the vascectomy!! His surgey and the nightmare of complications which followed were enough to scare any man into self-preservation.

I know this is going to take a little while to settle in on some of you but we've had 3 months to get used to the idea and after seeing the baby stretching out its little arms and legs yesterday on the ultrasound, I can honestly say the panic and fear is over for me and pure excitement has set in. I vomited as recently as yesterday morning but somehow just knowing the baby has made it through that critical 1st trimester has eased my discomfort.

The girls are thrilled and hoping it will be a girl. Luke looked at Marshall and said in a perplexed tone, "But Mommy, we already have a baby". And he's so right. Marshall still seems like such a baby but he'll actually be 2 months older than Gracie was when Gemma was born! One of Scott's early comments was, "How can we not be excited about a baby?"......that was after a long period of silence! :>)

To all my high school friends on Facebook, I just want to say that the only way I'm coming out for our 25th next summer is if they have a door prize for the "youngest child!" Think anyone will have a baby younger than 4 months?


  1. Congratulations from Amanda, Uncle Fred & Aunt Linda who are on our way to see you all today!!!!! Love you all!

  2. Congratulations!! Children are such a blessing! From the entire Yoder family.


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